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For almost thirty years, Project Development International has been assisting clients throughout the world, specializing in reducing construction costs before, during and even after project completion.

Founded in 1980, Project Development International was established to provide a service oriented approach to the management of construction projects. As trusted advisors, we are committed to protecting the owner's interests in the successful completion of their capital investment projects.

Common Sense Construction Analytics - It's about how projects get built

Even with the advanced technologies available today, the construction of a project is still a very human endeavor. We knew we could improve the management process because we understand how projects get built - from the ground up, by real people, with personalities and emotions unique to construction, facing daily challenges of changes, delays, and the effects of weather. Utilizing our hands-on experience and knowledge of the construction process, we created systems that can either prevent problems before they occur, or mitigate them once they have occured.

Common Sense Construction Analytics is Project Development international's philosophy that we apply to all our construction consulting services. We developed our systems by combining our knowledge of construction with practical insights gained from managing numerous claims in litigation and arbitration. Over time, we realized that certain patterns emerged, allowing us to more efficiently pinpoint problems that had occurred. This also gave us the ability to predict more effectively where problems might occur, and how to avoid them.

How This Benefits You

Our Construction RisKontrolSM System is a unique systematic approach that allows us to help you deliver your project on time, within budget and dispute free. There are four steps involved to insure your success:

  • Contract Risk Assessment
  • Constructability Review
  • Construction Schedule Review and
  • Progress Analysis
  • Claims Impact Intervention

For more detailed information about the Construction RisKontrol System click here for a downloadable PDF

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James Lalumiere, President
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