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Dispute Resolution Services


Dispute Resolution Services

Project Development International, Inc. has been preparing, analyzing, and resolving complex construction disputes for almost thirty years. These projects have encompassed all types of construction and have ranged in value to multibillion dollar size, both nationally and internationally.

Project Development International has developed an efficient and standardized approach to the analysis of disputes as a result of our many years of experience on all sides of these disputes. Although every construction project is different, this generic approach can be applied in virtually every case.

Our Disputes Analysis System allows us to approach the analysis of disputes in three distinct business phases, Preliminary, Interim, and Final. This System gives our clients the ability to define costs and dispute outcome probabilities more accurately. This System also allows our clients to make prudent business decisions regarding how much to spend versus the likelihood of damages recovery very early in the process.

Mark Fleder, Esq. - Connell, Foley, LLC, New Jersey

"When a construction project goes wrong, very few people can figure out what caused it, but Project Development has the unique ability to recreate the as-built schedule and analyze the causations. They know how to focus on what was important. They can recreate exactly what happened on a project. They analyze what happened with change orders and how time affected the schedules. They double-check everything. Because Project Development has these skills, they can provide, on an economical basis, insight analysis and strategic assessment for any construction claim."

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