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Project Development International can provide goods and services under many different financial and structural models. Public-Private Partnerships area are a rapidly growing means by which social infrastructure projects are being implemented. This method works very well in many countries for transportation, clean water supply, and healthcare programs, to balance the financial burden for these programs between a public subsidy and a private venture. These programs exist today in a variety of forms.

Project Development International can assist public and private entities to structure an appropriate form to make your social infrastructure program more attractive and less burdensome on the public budget.
Some examples are:

Long-Term Lease Agreement
An agreement where a private company receives the right to collect revenues associated with an existing asset in exchange for an upfront fee to the governmental entity.

A sale-leaseback is a transaction in which the owner sells public property and then leases it back from the private buyer.

Variations of this model go from Design-Build to Design-Build-Finance-Operate-Maintain depending on the private entity's role. In this model, a private entity is involved in varying aspects of the financing, design, building, operation and maintenance of the property, and is compensated for its investment by receiving the right to collect future revenues associated with the property, such as user fees.

Availability Payment
A governmental entity provides regular payments, based on criteria such as project milestones or performance standards, to private investors, developers, and operators that design, build, finance, operate, and maintain the property. This type of project is similar to the design, build, finance, operate, and maintain-type contract described above, but uses an availability payment scheme to compensate the private companies.

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